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In the Age of AutoML, we are all Data Scientists! | Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become increasingly essential to our daily routine lives.

The Easiest Way
to Bring AI to Life.
Business-first automated AI platform, with ready-to-use use cases, for solving real-world problems with AI in a simpler and customizable way. Become agile, save yourself from staff and hardware worries, and bring your company to the age of AI.
Tired of theories and want to apply AI directly to your business?, we've got you!

Start using these out-of-the-box AI use cases, regardless of your Data Science expertise.

Credit Card Fraud Detection
Credit Card Fraud Detection
Avoid losses and prevent all types of payment and transaction scams.

Sales Forecasting (AutoML 2.0)
Sales Forecasting
(AutoML 2.0)
Obtain your accurate daily, weekly, monthly sales forecasts to smartly manage your business without being an expert

Automating data extraction
Document Segmentation and OCR
Document Segmentation
and OCR
Get the most of your scanned documents images by recoginzing text fields, tables, and characters inside of them.

Computer Vision
Object Detection
Object Detection
Identify and locate objects in images with AI.

Sales Forecasting and Inventory Optimization
Sales Forecasting and Inventory Optimization
Get accurate forecasts for your retail supply chain – future sales, procurement date, order quantity, safety quantity of stocks.

Computational linguistics
Speech-to-text AI
Speech-to-text AI
Transcribe your audio files with AI.

A palette of intuitive features

We have designed a full range of data science and machine learning tools to help you achieve your business goals in the most strategic and straightforward way possible.

Ready-to-use use cases of AI, fast, smooth, and have a proven ROI.
Just pick the one that fits your business case, and let SmartPredict guide you through simple steps to realize your end-to-end AI Projects. This will allow you to go from ideas to profitable results in no time.
Targets various industries
User-friendly steps to AI
Directly consumable API
Customizable ML Workflow
Discover all Use Cases
"Where ?" and "How?" the DATA is not an issue anymore
Your Data is precious, SmartPredict provides you with more than 35 connectors available for secure Data Collection, more than 50 methods for data preprocessing, and this in a scalable and sustainable way.
Smooth interfacing with data sources
Flat files, SQL Databases, Cloud Storage, and more...
Big Data Compliant
Instant Insights on your data
Let me see more
A generic, performant, intuitive DATA Science and Machine Learning platform
Apart from the use cases, SmartPredict supports creating your own from scratch, using its drag and drop interface to make AI workflows. It allows you to build, train, and deploy ML models and pipelines in the most enjoyable yet customizable way. Free yourself from infrastructure worries.
State of the art AI Models
Drag and drop interface (No code/low code)
100% Personalizable, build and deployment
+70 Configurable AI modules
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They trusted us, why not you?

With SmartPredict as your best ally to increase productivity, from edge to core, let it take care of your data in a secured manner.

How D.FI became a close collaborator of SmartPredict

Discover how SmartPredict realized different kinds of challenging projects on behalf of D.FI


Chabe worked hand in hand with SmartPredict

SmartPredict provides Chabe with an intelligent AI-based email analysis system able to automatically extract and recommend information from car booking emails.


Ewattch enhances its service with SmartPredict.

SmartPredict enhances Ewattch's IoT service by building an AI system able to predict in real-time the operating phase of an industrial plastic injection molding machine.



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