Specialized in the development of turnkey AI solutions, providing you with a Data Science and Machine Learning online platform that also allows you to customize through coding.

The Easiest Way to Bring AI to Life.
An automated AI platform, based on AutoML 2.0, for designing AI projects in a simpler and customizable way. Become agile, save yourself from staff and hardware worries, and skyrocket your business quickly.

A palette of intuitive features

We have designed a full range of data science and machine learning tools to help you achieve your business goals in the most strategic and straightforward way possible.

With Autoflow, watch for the rise of your revenues through accurate business forecasting. Thanks to a high-level AI workflow based on AutoML 2.0, leverage AI regardless of your AI-knowledge and coding skills. 
Auto Preprocessing
Auto Feature selection
Auto Feature engineering
Auto Model selection and tuning of hyperparameters
Your time is precious, let's save it together! Push your business to thrive like never before with a fast-performing AI automated platform endowed with an inclusive, modern drag-and-drop interface. From “Build” to “Predict” through “Deploy” and “Monitor”spaces, all stages of your end-to-end projects are included.
Operationalize data science pipelines in less time and less trouble thanks to an advanced, scalable deployment system that generates both the ML models and entire data science pipelines as web services. The same functionality allows you to create custom serverless functions.  Perform all these operations with hosted services on the Cloud and in accordance with security best practices.
Entire DS pipelines
Serverless functions
Consider the modules as basic elements for the construction of ML pipelines. They are all based on the latest data science and machine learning techniques. To speed up your pipeline design, simply drag and drop them to form a flowchart. Choose from a wide range of core modules from datasets to trained models, and even better, code your own modules and customize them at will.
State-of-the art  of AI
All processing stages
Trained models
Processing pipelines
Serverless functions   

They trusted us, why not you?

With SmartPredict as your best ally to increase productivity, from edge to core, let it take care of your data in a secured manner.

How D.FI became a close collaborator of SmartPredict

Discover how SmartPredict realized different kinds of challenging projects on behalf of D.FI


Chabe worked hand in hand with SmartPredict

SmartPredict provides Chabe with an intelligent AI-based email analysis system able to automatically extract and recommend information from car booking emails.


Ewattch enhances its service with SmartPredict.

SmartPredict enhances Ewattch's IoT service by building an AI system able to predict in real-time the operating phase of an industrial plastic injection molding machine.



The success of your AI projects is our priority. Choose the plan that suits your needs and upgrade at will.


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50 hours

of compute on SPV M1

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Custom Deployment

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