Accelerate Your AI Projects

SmartPredict is a SaaS platform to create and deploy your end-to-end AI projects in one place

Here is a glimpse of what it is all about

Label and anotate

Get access to a collaborative tool that lets you create a labeled image dataset for image-based application of Machine Learning.


More than 100 processors available for data cleaning, sampling, filtering, and many other transformations.


You can leverage SmartPredict’s visualization tool to create nice looking and insightful charts for report purposes as well as analysis.

Design and train your models

SmartPredict makes use of elementary bricks called “Modules” that you drag and drop to form a flowchart representing the ML pipelines from Dataset to model saver.


You also represent the model deployment pipeline with a flowchart of modules. Once it's deployed it generates the REST API Webservice of this workflow.