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9 days ago

SmartPredict attracts investors

Despite the current tense economic context, we are pleased to announce that SmartPredict, part of the Hairun Technology Group, has reached a new milestone in its history! Together with our financial partners, we have just received financial support that will allow us in 2021 to pursue the ambition we have had since 2018, the year of its creation, following a clear vision of SmartPredict. That is, to be an African unicorn of Artificial Intelligence and become the reference SaaS platform for creating and deploying end-to-end AI projects in one place.

SmartPredict is funded by I&P Acceleration Technologies

The I&P Acceleration Technologies program, financed by the AFD, includes the SmartPredict SaaS platform in its portfolio.

This investment is the result of a close collaboration with Miarakap which is the first impact oriented investment fund in Madagascar. It is aimed at SMEs and start-ups with high growth potential in all sectors and regions of Madagascar.

What is SmartPredict?

SmartPredict is a SaaS platform enabling companies to create and deploy artificial intelligence projects. It innovates in its field by allowing any professional (regardless of sector) to create their own AI models, without necessarily having a great knowledge of Data Science.

SmartPredict provides companies with intuitive tools that can be adapted to any type of business with high reliability scores, allowing them to save time and generate customer value.

The objective is to offer any company the possibility of exploiting the full potential of their data, in the simplest possible way, without reducing the performance of the solution.

Smartpredict, accessible to all

Artificial intelligence will play a key role in the future of technology and business, so the more accessible AI becomes, the more companies - and users - can benefit from it.

That's why SmartPredict wants to democratize access to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) project. This solution is based on the use of AutoML, a technology developed by SmarPredict to automate the complete development cycle of your artificial intelligence applications.

In other words, the main advantage of SmartPredict is that it allows non-technicians to facilitate the use and exploitation of their data, without having to worry about hiring an army of experts. As a result, SmartPredict can provide a more transparent, scalable and easy-to-use development environment. As a result, it helps companies develop and deploy artificial intelligence solutions in a very short period of time.

SmartPredict for Experts

According to analysts, few learning model automation solutions are reliable. For example, DataRobot is one of the few players on the market today to offer a more or less automated artificial intelligence solution.

This is why SmartPredict offers its very simplified interface that users will easily get used to in order to automate the entire process, from data processing to modeling. It thus enables different groups of users to obtain very satisfactory results on complex predictions.


Thanks to SmartPredict, everyone will have access to the benefits of using AI (Democratization). This, in order to promote a "smart company" that has the ability to learn and adapt continuously to changing business, environmental, competitive and economic conditions.

It is with this in mind that SmartPredict was selected from among a hundred candidates. The company was developed in 2018 by Ranto Andriambololona, a talented entrepreneur who has received strong interest from major international companies through the software's test phase.

Always open to new and fruitful collaborations with other investors/partners, please do not hesitate to contact our manager for future fundraising, to facilitate our internationalization.