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In the Age of AutoML, we are all Data Scientists! | Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become increasingly essential to our daily routine lives.

SmartPredict has just been launched. Discover its key features!

Published on Jan 21, 2020 by Christelle Julias

With SmartPredict Studio, Artificial Intelligence Workflows are made easier than ever. Let us see how it will help you achieve your business goals.


With the advent of AI, these last decades are without a doubt, the era of intelligent systems and automated processes. Therefore, nowadays' industries need to align with state-of-the-art technologies in order to remain competitive. In this ruthless race, the asset that could make the whole difference is the speed of processing massive data with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Integrate AI into the loop, to gain a competitive edge

Thus, integrating this latter into the loop is the new game-changer in terms of market growth. In fact, the quicker data engineers, scientists, and analysts process their data, the sooner they could uncover the underlying information conveyed by the data populating the internet and the better they will position themselves in relation to their fellows.

For instance, constantly changing trends need to be updated in real-time in order to satisfy targeted customers. In consequence, quick but accurate data insight plays a crucial role in outpacing competitors.

This means that enterprises adopting smarter ways of processing data are the most advantaged. For this purpose, SmartPredict provides all the tools needed to deal with the business matters involved in the stages of Machine learning pipeline modeling, data processing, and analytics.

♟ SmartPredict: the cutting-edge challenge-solver

Succeeding in assembling, creating, and launching an end-to-end AI project in less than an hour used to be a dream for any AI developer until they discover SmartPredict...

SmartPredict studio is a powerful, inclusive, easy-to-use online platform that aims at providing turnkey solutions for all AI, Big Data, and Machine Learning Projects. It has been conceived to solve the challenges of AI modeling. Let us dive deeper into the technical features offered by this cutting-edge AI Platform.

  • Specifically directed towards all AI practitioners, professionals and amateurs as well, SmartPredict is able
    to cover most AI use cases and fulfill all Machine Learning modeling purposes.
  • Its fluidity and unique ergonomic features make it an adequate tool for increasing productivity along with boosting creativity.
  • Thanks to this AI studio’s large set of functionalities, once costly and time-consuming data preparation and model training
    become nothing more than a simple game of assembling flowcharts in drag and drop fashion.
  • A comprehensive set of ML modules makes the prototyping task effortless.
  • End-to-end projects, from dataset upload to deployment and test, can be completed in a matter of minutes.

🙋‍♀️ Whom is it for?

Regarding business trends, significant decision makings are mostly data-based. In consequence, the platform has been conceived to solve all the business challenges encountered by professionals whose job involves the complex manipulation of data.

Such a range of professionals includes but is not limited to: data engineers, data analysts, data scientists, software engineers... Moreover, SmartPredict proposes many functionalities that may interest managers, business analysts, and other decision-makers.

  • As a business owner, you want to keep a fast, accurate tracking of your enterprise trade fluctuations,
    such as quick reviews of data analytics or fraud detection. You need a fast-processing tool in order to dive into
    smarter business intelligence, therefore gaining a competitive edge over other companies.
  • As a data scientist, you are often required to multitask in your projects. You wish to keep track of all of your
    AI projects from one place at a time so that you are able to manage them all together.
    SmartPredict makes it a mission to help you deal with your data designing tasks.

📉📊📈 Modeling and data evaluation

  • Data evaluation is rapid: SmartPredict’s data processor assesses the quality of data according to the
    chosen parameters and handles missing values well.
  • For sampling datasets, the built-in inventory handler is able to count up to 10000 rows.
  • For data modeling, huge deep learning algorithms are treated within a reduced response time.
  • Targeted solutions to solve all your business intelligence issues in just one platform.

    SmartPredict is conceived to address the numerous issues related to data science practices such as:
  • Time-consuming data analysis and exploration,
  • Unwieldy use of existing data processing tools,
  • The difficulty of bridging the various steps involved in the preparation and ingestion of data into the modeling stage,
  • A multitude of independent tools and platforms for building the entire production-ready IA Project,
  • The complexity of traditional ways of creating and fine-tuning AI models,
  • Time-consuming operation and infrastructure when deploying the models,
  • Hard to find existing state-of-the-art models for specific use cases,
  • Data Scientists have a hard time providing reports and explaining their work to non-technical people.

🔑Key features

  • SmartPredict offers a number of intelligent key features to facilitate and accelerate all your AI projects.
    This all-in-one studio intends to complete a large number of different, yet collaborative roles for running
    projects successfully.
  • Thanks to an approach based on simply assembling flowcharts for creating a whole project architecture,
    SmartPredict’s concept offers users a unique playing experience.
  • Common ML modules are contained within a rich palette including various core calculation algorithms,
  • whereas, for extending projects, an option to configure your own custom module is also available.
  • All toolboxes are drag and droppable and can be arranged in an infinity of manners.
  • You may wish to design your own frameworks or snippets. Thanks to the versatility of the package, it is
    able to satisfy the requirements of the most ambitious and complex projects.
  • The ergonomic multi-node sandbox environment enables training and running different projects without the fear of any of them interfering.

📊 Dataset processing and visualization

  • More than 100 processors for data cleaning and transforming to choose from,
  • Drag and droppable modules,
  • Repetitive recipe and reusable tasks as processing pipelines.

    Data Collection
  • Standard dataset files supported (CSV, Xls, JSON, txt, h5)
  • Connectivity with multiple data sources (SQL, NoSQL, cloud storage, hdfs).

📈 Data analysis and exploration

With SmartPredict’s set of applications, machine learning engineers can quickly evaluate their data for predictive analytics through integrated tools for data analytics and exploration and simple to use data mining applications.

📌Data labeling & annotations

SmartPredict offers Integrated tools for data preparation and tagging for time series, Images, and soon textual datasets.

  • AI Modeling Studio
  • Drag and drop workspace of parameterizable modules to create an end to end
  • Data Science pipelines under the name of “Flowchart“.

The Flowchart starts from the dataset through data fine-tuning to model training.

  • Ready to implement Plug And Play State-Of-the-Art Models from recent papers
  • Performant infrastructure for model training, evaluation, and fine-tuning.
  • Integrated Notebook (Code as a Flowchart and vice-versa)
  • Processing pipelines from Dataset Processing and visualization.

🏧 Dashboard for Monitoring your API call

  • Export deployment flowchart as a docker image that you can run locally.
  • A collaborative platform for sharing knowledge, findings, resources, tasks, codes, models.
  • Module/Flowchart Sharing
  • Inference monitoring: existing generic application for inference according to the use case
  • Possibility of deploying your model and testing it with our application
  • Monitor continuous inference on time-series data.

⛓Possibility to choose training server configuration (GPU, CPU, RAM)

  • Model import/export
  • Import existing trained model as a module
  • Export model for external use
  • AI model deployment and monitoring
  • Create the deployment flowchart that ingests data from the request and returns the inferences.
    Deploy them as REST API web services.
  • On-premise: Run SmartPredict on your own server
  • API: Public API for anyone who wants to integrate and use additional tools

What differentiates SmartPredict from existing platforms?

  • Apart from an elegant, distinctive sleek interface, SmartPredict stands out for its unique value proposition
    based on multiple data processing toolboxes.
  • The ergonomic layout makes it definitely intuitive, easy to handle, and comprehend, right from the moment you get in touch with it.
  • The interactive buttons will guide you along with didactic tooltips so that you can experience a smooth exploration.
  • The fast-processing inference engine with its embedded powerful state-of-the-art algorithms will deliver prepared data in no time.
  • All you have to do is gather your raw data, design your flowchart, adjust your parameters and deploy your models.

Unique Value Propositions

As a core value and asset, SmartPredict provides a user-friendly, accessible, intuitive workspace to plan and organize AI projects with peace of mind. The fast-processing inference makes the training of models easier, less time-consuming, and less hazardous, while also being an enjoyable experience.

Since you can visualize the evolution of your data, by choosing among the different proposed modules, you are able to select those who best fit your projects and fine-tune models at will.

This all-in-one product is able to handle tasks of various levels of complexity, from simple data mining to more complex use cases such as modeling intricate industrial processes.


SmartPredict is a smart choice for many reasons:

  • SmartPredict is much simpler to use and more approachable than any other existing platform. The user is immediately delivered
    what he is asking for.
  • SmartPredict greatly governs the balance between ease of use and configuration.
  • SmartPredict is the definition of an All-in-one, End-to-end, and User-friendly AI platform.

    1. Explore the comprehensive workbench:
  • A large range of data processing toolboxes
  • Intuitive and fast training dataset creation
  • Dataset collaborative annotations such as image and time series are tightly coupled with the modeling stage.
  • Annotated datasets are directly usable from the model building interface, allowing great flexibility of design and process reusability.

    2. Push the limits of your projects to a new extent:
  • Build pipelines from the data processing application and use them as an operation module in the drag and drop interface when designing the models. Enjoy assembling preset modules and creating your very own.
  • As an alternative, you might also work inside a Smart Notebook wherein you can load pipelines to combine with your Python code.

ML model design

You can import trained models from other popular Machine Learning libraries, such as TensorFlow Saved Model, Keras HDF5 format, Scikit-learn ML, and preprocessing model inside SmartPredict and add them to your flowcharts.

Drag and drop modules and other interface components

A large range of modules compose the tool palette, going from basic machine learning operations such as trainers and predictors, to use case-specific operations such as NLP text cleaner or time-series data resampling. Even TensorFlow API is available as a module.

It is also possible to create custom modules with the help of the Python language with the distinctive feature that you can import right into your notebooks by the means of the SmartPredict API.

SmartPredict API / Library

This is a data science library built on top of popular open-source ML/DL and Data science frameworks. TensorFlow 2, Scikit-learn, Pandas, and many others. This includes an Optimized API for code lovers who aspire to create intelligent systems using their SmartPredict resources or produce a training or deployment flowchart from code "Flowchart as a code".

In a nutshell, no need to gather more time and hardware resources than needed, SmartPredict studio simply does all the job for you. Join the SmartPredict community by subscribing to SmartPredict's Slack community.