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In the Age of AutoML, we are all Data Scientists! | Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become increasingly essential to our daily routine lives.


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Sales Forecasting (AutoML 2.0)

Obtain your accurate daily, weekly, monthly, … sales forecast to smartly manage your businesses without being an Expert.

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Document Segmentation and OCR

Get the most of your scanned documents images by recognizing text fields, tables, and characters inside of them.

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Specialized in the development of turnkey AI solutions, providing you with a Data Science and Machine Learning online platform that also allows you to customize through coding.



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    The main 4 features of SmartPredict Autoflow that allow you to ingeniously leverage AutoML.

    Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) has revolutionized the world of Artificial Intelligence (IA) since its emergence in 1990. It’s generally known as a new approach of reducing data scientists' time-consuming tasks and a concept of automatizing AI processes. It is on this innovative approach that SmartPredict has ingeniously enriched its feature for its first version.  All this to enable its users — whether they are citizens (novice) or expert data scientists —  to be more efficient in the real...

    Haingomanitra H. F.
    in SmartPredict

    Create and share a Data Science flowchart : the easiest way to complete a production ready AI project

    Completing a production-ready AI project requires high technical skills, both in terms of data science and software engineering. These make the use of AI expensive and time-consuming.  That's where SmartPredict comes in: a platform where users can complete their end-to-end AI project by simply dragging, dropping and configuring modules to build a data science flowchart that can be shared with others to be more collaborative. In other words, the easiest way to make an AI project successfully, wit...

    Haingomanitra H. F.
    in SmartPredict

    Custom modules: the feature that allows data scientists to be more flexible in their AI project with SmartPredict.

    SmartPredict is designed for all users regardless of their AI skill level, and its features meet citizen data scientists and experts' needs. Autoflow is a suitable feature for non-experts to complete an end-to-end AI project by just submitting a dataset. For more details, please see the tutorial. There is also a blog post available. As for experts, SmartPredict ensures that they can manage their AI projects from end to end with no limit. Namely, the ability to configure, and customize the genera...

    Haingomanitra H. F.
    in SmartPredict

    Presentation SmartPredict Autoflow

    As stated in its tagline "The Easiest Way to Bring AI to Life", the SmartPredict AI platform is constantly implementing new features that fulfill the principles it has been founded on since its inception. The one that will promote the release of its first version is based on 'AutoML 2.0', with which, users regardless of their level of AI knowledge can take advantage of this cutting-edge technology, in no time to improve their business.  Moreover, the configurability of the generated flowcharts (...

    Haingomanitra H. F.
    in SmartPredict

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