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SmartPredict users provided insights on their experience

“SmartPredict has made our IoT service worthwhile and convenient for the end-user. "

Samuel Jeandon

CTO at Ewattch

Meet Ewattch company

Ewattch is an IoT technology company that mainly actives in the development of LoRa IoT sensors and applications for industry and smart building. Its offer is the guarantee of a scalable IoT solution, economical and quick to install. To put its service on the cutting edge of technology, its technical team recognizes that they have to use AI and they have found solutions with SmartPredict.

Problem statement and context

An IoT system is a sensor network that collects data from objects and sends them to the cloud. There, software processes data to generate useful information, or to complete specific operations without human intervention. The software in question is therefore powerful and capable of processing and interpreting huge amounts of data instantly. This is where AI comes in handy.

In this respect, software in the IoT system of the plastic injection molding machine has the mission to inform its operating status in real-time. To be at the forefront of technology, Ewattch admits the usefulness of an AI system and delegates its achievement to SmartPredict.

SmartPredict meets Ewattch's needs

" We want to entrust this AI project to a company that is an expert in the field, and for us, SmartPredict can do the job.

We are impressed with their drag and drop AI platform on which the project will be realized.

From the first approach, we knew that we could entrust the project to the SmartPredict team. Despite the scale and the difficulty of the project, they were able to show a good understanding and assure us of delivering it within a precise time frame. As the project progresses they offer us ideas until our expectations are met", according to Samuel J.

Challenges to overcome

The final rendering of the software makes this project challenging.

First of all, the software must capture the two data sequences ( the power, and the voltage) sent by the sensors in real-time and instantaneously.

Then, the data sequences must be processed and interpreted with an AI as soon as they are received. The result of the processing is to deduce in real-time the operating phases of the plastic injection molding machine.

Finally, the result of the IA process must be displayed through a real-time graphical user interface.

" The challenging part of this project is to model the right AI model able to process both sequences of data as quickly as possible and provide a very accurate result.", said the data science project leader.

The solution with the SmartPredict platform

The entire project is completed on the SmartPredict platform.

The main features of this automated AI platform help data scientists and software engineers to complete this project in no time.

"The achievement of the project on the SmartPredict platform has greatly eased our work. All the AI processes are effortlessly performed, from DLs modeling and training to their deployment on this automated online AI platform.

Thanks to the drag-and-drop workspace, AI processes are almost automatically performed in no time at all. We can then focus on the essentials, which is DL modeling.

The "fully deployed pipeline based on the drag-and-drop workspace" feature allowed our data science and software engineering to save time when deploying the ML model", said the data science project leader.


As a result, Ewattch has completed customer satisfaction by providing an intelligent IoT for the plastic injection molding machine.

Thanks to the AI-based software built on SmartPredict, the system can display the accurate operating states of the machine in real-time in a chart presentation. The system operates continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With accurate and user-friendly information, the customer can then employ it for many purposes, such as preventing potential failures, predicting production quality and quantity.

This in turn can be used in a management decision to reduce costs or prevent certain business results and much more.

"This AI application build on SmartPredict has been a great success and promotes our IoT service. It certainly helps us to achieve a 100% customer satisfaction rate", said Samuel J.

Ewattch is pleased with its first AI project realized with SmartPredict and plans to collaborate on other AI projects.

In a nutshell, AI projects improve the IoT service and SmartPredict is the ideal tool to deal with it most easily.

Did this section appeal to you? We invite you to carry out your AI project on SmartPredict. If you need an expert, please contact our sales department.

We get some positive feedback from you

"I'm excited to see what SmartPredict can provide. So far, I'm thoroughly impressed."


Software Engineer

“I have tested Autoflow and I think it is quite innovative because it offers the possibility to customize the generated flowchart, which I don't think I've seen before. It also allowed me to reduce the development time to a few hours for the forecasting project I've been working on for days".

Marius K.

Business Manager

"I'm really glad I found this tool and wondered why I didn't use it earlier. At first, I was a bit skeptical and thought that getting to such a level of abstraction was near impossible, as was making the algorithm connections with modules. The only thing that demanded a little more attention was to identify the sequence of modules from code to flowchart, but once you get used to it, it seems really simple."

John P.

Expert Data Scientist

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