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In the Age of AutoML, we are all Data Scientists! | Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become increasingly essential to our daily routine lives.

Data Connector

Securely importing data into the SmartPredict platform from multiple data sources is as easy as 3 steps without coding.

Import your dataset safely.

Take advantage of the SmartPredict data connector to securely retrieve your data from over 35 data sources with just a few configurations with zero code.

Data connector for?

This feature allows you to securely import data into SmartPredict from any type of data source, such as a local file, database, online site, social media database, etc — over 35 data sources — without coding. Speaking of security, you don't have to worry, your private data is only available in your account. Once uploaded, only you have access to your data and can use it freely at any time for your AI project on the SmartPredict platform.

Behind the scenes !

We opt for a single gateway for the data integration pipeline, we used airbyte as medium and BigQuery as Big Data Storage. This combination unlocks the full potential of data collection and management to bring a better way to ETL within a SmartPredit AI project.

Your Data is "Precious"
Fast data integration
Guided Dataset creation
Limitless storage capacity
+35 Data Source connectors
Seamless Synchronisation
Secured data pipeline.

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Through its well-designed features, SmartPredict strives to offer you the best and brightest to meet your challenges and your incredible creativity!



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Drag and Drop Interface

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Model and process data with the help of drag-and-drop modules.



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