Connected Notebook

Here is a feature that is sure to enchant code lovers! SmartPredict comes with its unique Notebook management interface which Jupyter users will easily get used to. Supporting Python codes, it may embed inputted code blocks in a seamless manner .

The Connected Notebooks are extra functionalities of SmartPredict's core which enable the creation of custom modules and code reutilization through cascades of code snippets. Use them to extend the ability and scope of your project by importing your own Python libraries!

The Notebooks are user-friendly functions for creating your own modules and snippets. Realizing a project from end to end without any boundary ... What more do we want?

The SmartPredict API / Library is a data science library built on top of popular open-source ML/DL and Data science frameworks. TensorFlow 2, Scikit-learn, Pandas among many others.

The Optimized API enables code lovers who aspire to create intelligent systems to choose among : either using their SmartPredict resources or produce a training or deployment flowchart from code "Flowchart as a code".

In a nutshell, no need to gather more time and hardware resources than needed, SmartPredict studio simply does all the job for you!

Model import/export

  • Import existing trained model as a module
  • Export model for external use
  • Deploy and monitor your model
  • Create the deployment flowchart that ingests data from the request and returns the inferences
  • Deploy them as REST API web services.
  • On-premise : Run SmartPredict on your own server
  • The API is Public for anyone who wants to integrate and use additional tools