You also represent the model deployment pipeline with a flowchart of modules. Once deployed, it generates the REST API Webservice of this workflow.

SmartPredict enables the deployment of the data, machine learning and deep learning pipelines effortlessly. All you have to do is add the data pipeline or the processing pipeline which represents all the preceding operation steps in the workflow, assemble a few more modules , click on the rocket deploy button, et Voilà! You get the REST API Webservice of your pipeline in just a few clicks.

Deploy the pipeline as a REST API Web Service

With these REST API Web Services , you have a myriad of integration options. Call them for all your cloud-based applications and distributed services in order to obtain smart systems, up to a very different level!

Monitoring your API call through the dashboard

Export deployment flowchart as a docker image that you can run locally. SmartPredict is a collaborative platform for sharing knowledge, findings, resources, tasks, codes, models.

There is also an existing generic application for inference according to the use case. Apart from that, is is also possible to deploy your model and test it without quitting the SmartPredict application.

You will also be able to enjoy continuous inference on a time-series data and choose the training server configuration (GPU, CPU, RAM)