Design and Train your models

SmartPredict utilizes elementary bricks called “Modules” to drag and to drop for building AI flowcharts representing ML pipelines from dataset to model saver. This GUI-fyied modelization permits a rapid assessment of data and models in contrast to traditional methods.

SmartPredict has been designed to make the process of creating and training machine learning and in-depth learning models faster and easier than any other existing method. To do this, the concept is based on a simple module drag-and-drop, which makes the entire design process as practical as it is fun. You will never feel like you should work only for the sake of working.

Design and Train your AI models with various Drag and Drop modules

No coding required. Simply drag and drop the modules to obtain the proper project workflow. SmartPredict manages to train the model for you.

Thanks to its large palette of tools, the platform is able to cover even the most complex of use cases .

Each module consists of a smart , compact combination of parameterizable functions that integrate powerful algorithms . Retrieve the right fit for your model among the various ML and DL modules effortlessly!

Furthermore, if a particular project requires to add more functions, you will be able to do so by creating your own custom module through the Notebooks, another SP feature which allows you to extend the capacities of your projects .

Design and Train your model by simply assembling flowcharts

No more surfing the whole web nor wandering from forum to forum to find the solutions you need. Design your model flowcharts exactly the way you would have drafted your code blocks, but way more easily!

SmartPredict is the answer to your expectations in terms of AI tools. Both build and deploy models are represented as flowcharts. Adjust the hyper parameters, vary and choose algorithms to train your model!

Then deploy it as a REST API Web service with which you can make all sorts of inferences involving the AI objective. Predictive analytics, computer vision,facial detection and more.... can all be performed with SmartPredict.

A Smart API/Library

This is a data science library built on top of popular open-source ML/DL and Data science frameworks. TensorFlow 2, Scikit-learn, Pandas and many others.

A large range of modules compose the tool palette, going from basic machine learning operations such as trainers and predictors, to use case-specific operations such as NLP text cleaner or time-series data resampling. Even TensorFlow API is available as a module.

It is also possible to create custom modules with the help of the Python language with the distinctive feature that you can import it right into your notebooks by the means of the SmartPredict API.