Prepare !

Choose among more than 100 processors available for data cleaning, sampling, filtering, and many other transformations. The fast-processing inference engine with its embedded powerful state-of-the-art algorithms will deliver prepared data in no time. All you have to do is gather your raw data, add processing steps and there you go!

The Data Processing SmartApp is a powerful SmartPredict function for undertaking all data transformations that are classified among the most complex and also the most time-consuming for data scientists and analysts. Apart from an elegant, distinctive sleek interface, SmartPredict stands out for its unique value proposition based on multiple data processing toolboxes. The ergonomic layout makes it intuitive, easy to handle, and to comprehend, right from the moment you get in touch with it. Supported dataset include standard dataset files (CSV, Xls, JSON, txt, h5) whereas it is possible to connect with multiple data sources (SQL, NoSQL, cloud storage, hdfs)

Handling missing values

With a huge amount of data, retrieving all the missing values in your dataset can be tricky and definitely not obvious at all. Benefit with SmartPredict' s Handling missing values function which is available as a processing step, and feel relieved to obtain a clean data in no time!

Feature engineering and selection

Hone your dataset at will and feel free to arrange it the way you like. Sample the values, sort them out, change their order, add new columns, scramble rows, delete unused ones,.... do and redo and there you go : get the most out of the SmartProcessor!