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In the Age of AutoML, we are all Data Scientists! | Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become increasingly essential to our daily routine lives.


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Sales Forecasting (AutoML 2.0)

Obtain your accurate daily, weekly, monthly, … sales forecast to smartly manage your businesses without being an Expert.

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Document Segmentation and OCR

Get the most of your scanned documents images by recognizing text fields, tables, and characters inside of them.

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Specialized in the development of turnkey AI solutions, providing you with a Data Science and Machine Learning online platform that also allows you to customize through coding.


Visualization and Profiling

This feature allows you to get colorful profiling for your data exploration, thanks to a clear interface.

SmartPredict delivers a complete toolkit for showcasing your data exploration just with one intelligent little drag-and-drop module.

How do you exploit this smart Visualization module?

Based on Pandas Profiling Module, this module will help you uncover hidden patterns in your data and provide interactive, rich reports, full of shrewd profiling. To render your reports as insightful as they could be, amazing profiling tools are performed and support many kinds of data formats: from texts to images. Options are infinite. It is all up to you to experiment.

See it in action

As the saying goes, "a picture says a thousand words", so nothing is truer than visualizing data to quickly understand the state of things. To get an overview of the distribution of your data, simply drag and drop the visualization module right after your dataset module, then link the two together to get a summary of the data content with information such as labels and statistical details.

Highlight different objectives with different graphs!

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Through its well-designed features, SmartPredict strives to offer you the best and brightest to meet your challenges and your incredible creativity!



Discover Autoflow, the new feature that allows you to launch AI projects without coding and regardless of your Data Science knowledge.


Drag and Drop Interface

From the build to the test, including deployment and monitoring, all in a drag-and-drop interface.



Deploy your Machine Learning pipelines in minutes instead of months! Never mind about the infrastructure.



Model and process data with the help of drag-and-drop modules.


Data connector

Securely importing data into the SmartPredict platform from multiple data sources is as easy as 3 steps without coding.

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