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In the Age of AutoML, we are all Data Scientists! | Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become increasingly essential to our daily routine lives.

Sales Forecasting

Get accurate daily, weekly, or monthly sales forecasts with Autoflow: the SmartPredict's Data Science Automation Work based on AutoML2.0.

Forecast Sales now!
Feed Autoflow with your historical sales data and get an AI-driven sales forecast.

Sales forecasting is one of the most popular applications of AI as it outperforms traditional methods like ARIMA, etc. This is because AI can process huge amounts of data and take into account external factors that may impact sales, such as short promotions, weather, events, etc.

In SmartPredict, you simply import your dataset, and all the data science work will be done automatically for you by Autoflow until you get AI-driven accurate sales forecasts.

Growth your business with the Sales Forecasting AI use case

It provides accurate sales forecasts that help you to reduce out-of-stock and overstock

It can be used to optimize your supply chain and working capital.

It saves you money as it is easy to use for everyone.

It can forecast sales of thousands of products in any department and category.

All Automation AI processes are done in a matter of a few minutes.

Autoflow does the tedious data science tasks in your stead until the generating of the accurate sales forecast

Dataset Preprocessing

AI Model Selection

Hyperparameter Tuning

Auto-generation of ML workflows and deployment flowcharts, which are 100% customizable, and give you full control of your AI project.

Our solution works for companies as well as for individuals

E-commerce, retailers, and anyone with sales activities can benefit from the sales forecasting AI-use-case. The AI-driven sales forecasts can be implemented in any platform and software with the generated API. Alternatively, users can view the forecast on the SmartPredict platform.

Use it in a few clicks

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RESPONSIBLE for a retail business

It's just incredible that I can make an AI project in just a few clicks. The automation AI process is just amazing. It only takes me a few minutes and the accurate sales forecasts are displayed on the platform. Thank you SmartPredict!




With Sales Forecasting AI use cases, all we have to do is present our sales history to get accurate sales forecasts. Not only have we reduced losses, but it also helps us to retain our customers. We achieved an 18% increase in revenue.



CEO e-commerce

It’s a very helpful and smart solution. It's fun and easy to use. We can integrate the AI solution into our platform by simply calling the functional API.



SALES analyst

It saves me a huge amount of time. Frankly, a job that takes me weeks is done in minutes. And the result is great. It's a very innovative solution.