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Sales Forecasting and Inventory Optimization

Get accurate forecasts for your retail supply chain – future sales, procurement date, order quantity, safety quantity of stocks – with the Sales demand forecasting & Inventory optimization AI use case.

Leverage the use case for AI in retail.

The Sales Demand Forecasting and Inventory Optimization AI use case is an automated technique that combines qualitative analysis and quantitative forecasting with an AI-driven time series forecasting. It helps companies effectively make better decisions in their planning strategies based on accurate forecasts. This AI use case provides a scheduled ordering plan with the optimal order quantity and sales forecast with a simple few clicks. This AI use case supports retailers in inventory forecasting, inventory planning, and demand forecasting.

A guaranteed ROI

Optimal supply recommendation

Warehouse efficiency

Reduction of stock-outs and overstocks

Optimization of margins per SKU

Accurate AI-driven sales forecasts

A solution that meets the needs of people working in retail.

Business Analyst

Demand Planning Manager

Import/Export Specialist

Operations Manager

Supply Planner


The ready-to-use AI use case makes it easy.

Easy to use for everyone.

Easy to implement in any IT environment.

Fully automated AI processes.

State-of-the-art AI models built on open-source technology.

Get the most out of it in a few clicks

Find out what they have to say.

Sybille PERROT

Sybille PERROT

Director of Supply Management

This AI use case has enormously sped up our daily process. Reliable forecasts are generated in minutes with a few clicks. It helps us to manage our stocks with confidence.

Bertie PERRY

Bertie PERRY

Business Analyst

I was very skeptical about using an automated tool in my work, but I gave it a shot. And I can honestly say that I am fascinated by the accuracy of the forecasts. The results prove it: reduced out-of-stocks and overstocks.



SmartPredict User

SmartPredict looks pretty cool and impressive. The out-of-the-box AI use case allows us to harness the evolution of technology for our daily lives.

Dr Mohammed Mamoun ELFADIL

Dr Mohammed Mamoun ELFADIL

SmartPredict User

It’s a beneficial and smart solution for retailers. Using Sales forecasting and stock optimization use case allows me to be fast and precise in my decision to boost my business. Thank you SmartPredict!