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In the Age of AutoML, we are all Data Scientists! | Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become increasingly essential to our daily routine lives.


Turn text into realistic speech with AI.

Use Text to speech AI use case according to YOUR needs.

Whether creating apps that talk or allowing your users to access your content or product in an audio experience, SmartPredict's text to voice generator makes it easy for individuals and businesses to take advantage of the lifelike speech translation of any content. It can be operated on the SmartPredict platform and easily integrated into any product and website through a generated Text-to-speech API.

Why choose our Text to speech AI use case?


Leverage the AI-driven text-to-speech technology in just a few clicks. Our machine learning and AI experts have already done all the tedious AI tasks for you, and you don’t have to code or install anything.

Natural sounding voices

Benefit from native speakers of more than 25 languages. In addition, Text-to-speech AI use case can generate many kinds of speech such as standard and news narration voices.

Listen to the news narration Text-to-speech voice.

Real-time processing

Get your text-to-speech voice in a matter of seconds. Once you send a text the API turns your audio into a stream, and you can play sounds right away.


You are not charged according to the number of the character but according to the resources you choose to run the AI process. It makes you cost-effective in any use case.

Easy integration

Implementing Text-to-speech AI use case into an application, product, or website is very simple. The SmartPredict AI platform generates a customizable API for you. All you have to do is use it as needed.

Possibility of customization

Choose and modify your speaker voice, pronunciation, volume, pitch, and speech rate with a simple configuration in simple clicks. Advanced configurations like lexicons and SSML tags are also supported.

Take benefit from realistic text to speech AI use case.

Text-to-speech AI use case provides a lifelike voice synthesis like a native.

It just makes your application and product impressive with the real-time voice generation and the possibility of configuration.

An AI solution for everyone and companies.

Users can efficiently operate text-to-speech AI use cases through SmartPredict's intuitive user interface.

Thanks to the generated operational API, they can easily integrate it into any application.


Newscasters voice generation

Voice assistant

Language learning application

Website reader

and others

How it works?

Find out what they have to say.



Blog sites holder

The text-to-speech AI use case makes our blogs more accessible and more alive with the text-to-speech AI use case. Now, our visitors can reach our articles even when they are on the go or while drinking a coffee and we note a bounce rate down by about 18%.




I'm the kind of person who learns quickly by listening. And I discovered SmartPredict and got my reader. In addition, there's a free plan that works for me. Thank you SmartPredict!



Application Owner

SmartPredict made my life easier with its ready-to-use AI use case. Thanks to the generated API, I can integrate the text-to-speech use case into my easily application. Now it's too trendy.

Arris BYRD

Arris BYRD

SmartPredict User

I think the synthesized voice is just amazing, it sounds like real people. You just have to exploit it, besides it is easy to use.