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    Before we start the tutorial

    This tutorial helps you carry out an end-to-end classification project with SmartPredict through a real-life example.

    What will we complete? 

    We will deal with the Banking-Marketing project: we will train and deploy an ML algorithm able to predict the result of a campaign marketing on the SmartPredict platform, and we will make predictions with the deployed model on this same platform.

    You may be tempted to ignore this tutorial because it's not your area of concern - but give it a chance. The techniques you will learn are fundamental to complete an AI project in SmartPredict, and mastering them will help you accomplish all your AI projects in no time on this platform.

    Tip :

    This tutorial is designed for people who prefer to learn by doing.  If you want to learn through a video, it is also available in this format. You may find them complementary to each other.

    Prerequisites :

    We assume that you have some Notion of ML classification and SmartPredict's concepts


    What is SmartPredict?

    SmartPredict is an online automated AI platform on which users can perform an end-to-end AI project easily in a drag and drop a workspace.

    Structure of the tutorial

    This tutorial begins with a description of the project, followed by all steps involved in completing the project in SmartPredict.

    In this way, readers are encouraged to complete the project as they read..d.

    To complete the project, all you have to do is to sign up and sign in to SmartPredict, it's free.

    Let's get started.