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    Welcome to the SmartPredict user guide.

    We want to make sure you start well. So we start with a presentation of SmartPredict and instructions on where to go to learn it quickly.

    What is SmartPredict?

    Business-first automated online AI platform, with ready-to-use AI use cases, for solving real-world problems with AI in a more straightforward and customizable way. 

     It supports various AI use cases for multiple industries, automation AI processes, and a drag and drop interface for AI pipeline design and deployments.

    It makes everyone easily carry out an end-to-end effective AI project, whether citizen data scientists, experts in AI, or business persons.

    It makes you agile, saves from staff and hardware worries, and brings your company to the age of AI, to increase revenues, minimize costs, and prevent losses.

    There are 3 ways to conduct an end-to-end AI project with SmartPredict:

    - running Out-of-the-box AI use cases,

    - running Autoflow automation process,

    - realizing an end-to-end AI project from scratch in Manualflow.

    Out-of-the-box AI use cases

    These are 100% customizable AI projects that address real business needs in different sectors. They are already handled by SmartPredict's team of data scientists and experts. People with no AI experience can handle them with a simple configuration, and can put them into production.. AI experts can also add and specify advanced functionality (through customization with Python code) for greater specificity to their needs. Most importantly, SmartPredict generates an operational API to put the AI project into production in any business environment in real-time.


    Autoflow is the SmartPredict AI automation project with the power of AutoML 2.0. Users only make some configurations in a few clicks and it performs all AI processes automatically such as:

    - Dataset preprocessing,

    - Feature engineering,

    - AI Model selection,

    - Hyperparameter tuning,

    - ML workflow auto-generation as 100% customizable flowcharts,

    - Pipeline deployment as a 100% customizable flowchart and fully deployed, as a Web Service in one click,

    - Operational API generation in minutes.


    Manualflow is the process where users realized an end-to-end AI project from scratch easily. No need to code everything, SmartPredict pre-builds all AI project steps as configurable components that they can drag and drop. There are:

    - + 30 AI models,

    - + 100 data preprocessing,

    - Exhaustive modules to train, evaluate and deploy the AI model, 

    - Module customization feature with Python code with Custom Module.

    The model can be deployed easily with a drag and drop workspace too. Users only drag and drop modules to build a deployment pipeline that is fully deployed as a Web service in one click. Not only is the model deployed, but the whole pipeline, so it’s easy to add post and preprocessing data with Custom Module to personalize the request flow.

    Why SmartPredict?

    1- Centric on business needs:

    - Deliver ROI & results 

    You'll find out-of-the-box AI projects that meet your business needs and impact businesses: AI-driven solutions that manage revenue, decrease costs and avoid losses.

     - Ready-to-use for common AI use cases

    SmartPredict implements the most common AI use cases in companies, easy to integrate (in a few clicks) in any production environment (software, websites, and other IT environments).

    - Accelerate lifecycle

    Your business becomes fast and cost-effective with SmartPredict. Your staff are able to complete AI projects in minutes, regardless of their area of expertise.

    - Run anywhere

    There are no hardware requirements. SmartPredict is a cloud platform that can be run in computer browsers without installation. In addition, your completed AI project can be integrated into your company's production environment using the generated API. 

    - Improve workflows for all skill sets and personas 

    SmartPredict enables employees to work effectively as a team. Anyone can contribute to a project, with a well-defined rule and report on who carried out the change.

    2- Relevant and performant technique:

    - Trustworthy

    SmartPredict provides total transparency and security for your AI project steps: from data ingest through deployment and optimization.

    - Full-lifecycle platform

    All stages of AI projects can be performed on/by the SmartPredict AI platform, including data ingestion and preparation, training of AI models, deployment of AI models, API generation, and a facility for live testing in SmartPredict Predict space.

    - Configurable and resilient

    Out-of-the-box and Autoflow AI projects are versatile for any business’ datasets. SmartPredict lead users to configure projects for a seamless real-world/business AI project initialization. And that's not all, it gives you full control over any projects with the notion of customizability with Python code.

    - State of the art AI

    Out-of-the-box AI use cases are made of many Machine learning models and techniques based on open source technologies – the most performing in a particular problem realized by our experienced data scientist experts. On the other hand, Autoflow is based on AutoML2.0 – a cutting-edge technology of AI project automation.

    - Easy to use with an intuitive interface

    What is displayed to the users is an eye-candy, user-friendly, ergonomic way for an end-to-end AI project. It’s also based on a drag and drop workspace to create/customize ML workflows and scalable deployment pipelines in simple a few clicks.

    What type of project can you carry out with the platform?

    You can run and implement all types of end-to-end AI projects on the SmartPredict AI platform. There are AI projects that are already ready-to-use, others that are carried out by Autoflow, or those that you create from scratch.

    You will find the list of current out-of-the-box AI use cases in the table below.

    You can perform an end-to-end time series forecasting AI project currently with Autoflow and get the accurate prediction in a diagram with SmartPredict’s Predict space.

    With the Manualflow process, data scientists can perform any Machine Learning projects within the drag and drop interface with comprehensive and configurable modules and Custom modules.

    Where to go to learn more about SmartPredict?

    The SmartPredict platform is easier to use thanks to its support materials, namely manuscripts and tutorial videos, help center, documentation, blogs, and customer support.

    -Tutorials are the recommended resources if you want to learn and use SmartPredict’s main features. You can find the SmartPredict youtube channel at this link

     -Documentation gives a complete reference of the platform.

    - Blogs reports topics about SmartPredict especially its functionality, its concepts, and features. You can also find some AI concepts and reports of AI projects realized in SmartPredict.

    - Community is a platform where you can ask questions about SmartPredict updates, discuss analysis topics with other users, and connect with the SmartPredict team.

    - Technical support is only accessible for users with Premium and Entreprise pricing plan, with which users can have a support from the SmartPredict data scientists team.