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In the Age of AutoML, we are all Data Scientists! | Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become increasingly essential to our daily routine lives.


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    title_img0Business leaders

    SmartPredict is your first partner to apply AI in your business. It helps to drive ROI faster, saves you time and money through its business-centric out-of-the-box AI uses cases and AutoflowThey are designed by our internal domain experts and data scientists to meet the needs of a company for a real business impact with AI.

    SmartPredict is an excellent tool for gaining insight into your business data to derive meaningful information to manage revenue, reduce costs, and avoid risk. With SmartPredict, your staff can get AI-based sales forecasts, recommendations, churn predictions, and more, and can use configurable out-of-the-box AI uses that can be implemented directly in any business environment.

    SmartPredict puts the power of data science into the hands of your staff and eliminates the need for the data scientists team to work on AI projects.

    With SmartPredict, business leaders will be more collaborative and efficient in leveraging AI through its features:

    • Business-centric out-of-the-box AI use cases. 
    • Automated AI process with Autoflow that delivers meaningful insight from business data.
    • Easy and secured data ingestion from many (+30) data sources to be exploited into SmartPredict.
    • Operational API generation to integrate the AI-driven solution into any production environment (on-premise and cloud).
    • User-friendly platform with intuitive configuration and comprehensible outcome displays for business managers, analysts, and stakeholders.
    • Configurability to fine-tune the business needs, allowing for a seamless initialization of the AI project in the real business world. 

    title_img1Citizen Data Scientists

     Citizen Data Scientists include but are not limited to marketing managers, inventory/sales managers, finance managers, and web developers, who are technologically proficient enough to use the software.

    Their common characteristic is to use data to solve business problems by creating or generating models that use advanced diagnostic analytics or predictive and prescriptive capabilities. Since their primary function is outside of statistical analysis and Machine learning modeling, this is where SmartPredict comes in.

    • SmartPredict boosts non-data scientists looking to integrate ML into their daily work, such as sales forecasting, inventory management, optimization, and-so-forth work.
    • With the out-of-the-box AI use cases, they are a power of data science in their hand. They can easily configure and execute an end-to-end AI project and fully exploit it to deliver the intended results for their domain. 
    • With Autoflow, they can benefit from an end-to-end automated AI process with the ability to refine and configure to get the relevant results for their business requirements.
    • In addition, the AI model is easy to implement in their work tools or production environment to streamline daily work and provide a relevant impact on the business. 
    • SmartPredict also has a "Predict Space" interface that allows citizen data scientists to interact with the AI model in production and receive the results provided in an easily interpretable outcome (graph, table, JSON format).

    title_img2Expert Data Scientists

    SmartPredict is also purpose-built to help AI and data scientist experts to deliver a more significant impact for the business with the SmartPredict out-of-the-box AI use cases and SmartPredict Autoflow. Data scientists have complete control over these projects through customizability and configurability. They give a whale of time gaining to data scientists and allow them to focus on critical strategic initiatives, eliminating the distractions and time commitments of low-level details. 

    SmartPedict Manualflow project is also an innovative AI project process with comprehensive capabilities, built for data scientists' unique needs and skills, designed to accelerate the delivery of AI to production. Data scientists can profit from the drag and drop interface to build pipelines to train and deploy models with the pre-built configurable modules or their Custom module. An end-to-end AI project realized in breezed from scratch.

    The following list contains some SmartPredict features that interest data scientists: 

    • All in one platform: An end-to-end project is realized in breeze in one platform: from data ingestion until AI project production.
    • A flexible, easy and fully controllable AI project: The project concept implemented in SmartPredict allows data scientists to train, evaluate, perform a live test on the deployed model and update the entire process at any time with a few clicks. The notion of customisation with Custom modules and the configurability of entire processes gives them total control over their project.  
    • Generation of ML workflow and pipeline deployment as 100% customizable flowcharts: SmartPredict generates the resulting output of the Autoflow(automation AI process), and out-of-the-box AI uses as two customizable flowcharts. It provides transparency and allows data scientists to add advanced features as it pleases and focus on more complex processes. 
    • Customization through code: Custom modules are a feature of SmartPredict that allows unlimited customisation through coding to create features to add to the ML workflow and pipeline deployment flowcharts. It gives data scientists unlimited ability to apply their expertise through coding, either to customise AI projects generated by SmartPredict or to create AI projects from scratch.
    • Easy and innovative method of model deployment + API generation in minutes: SmartPredict innovates the model deployment => the pipeline deployment is fully as a web service in one click, and an API is generated as a web service in minutes: not only is the model deployed, but the entire pipeline. Therefore, adding post-processing and pre-processing data with Custom modules is easy. The deployed pipeline can be updated at any time, even after deployment, and users can test it live in the SmartPredict Predict space.  
      Note that the deployment pipeline is automatically generated as a 100% customizable flowchart in the case of out-of-the-box AI use cases and Autoflow and designed by data scientists in the case of Manualflow. 
    • Built on open source technology: All AI processes are built on open-source data science technology as configurable modules with which data scientists are undoubtedly familiar. They can use and import libraries and frameworks with Custom modules for unlimited customization of AI modeling and deployment processes.   
    • Comprehensive and configurable modules: SmartPredict pre-builds all AI processes (for training and model deployment) as configurable modules, allowing data scientists to work seamlessly. 
    • Team collaboration: You can work as a team on a project in SmartPredict.

    title_img3Software Engineers

    SmartPredict ‘s features allow software engineers to carry out an end-to-end ML project seamlessly:

    • Out-of-the-box AI use cases: It's a ready-to-use configurable AI project with API auto-generation in minutes.
    • Autoflow: End-to-end configurable automation AI project with the auto-generation API in minutes.
    • Easy AI project to put in production: A pipeline deployment is designed/or auto-generated in the drag and drop Deploy space with comprehensive, configurable modules and Custom Modules (by coding). It is fully deployed as a Web Service in a few clicks, and an API is auto-generated in minutes. 
    • Customizable AI pipeline deployment: The pipeline deployment is fully deployed as a Web Service, and software engineers can customize it with Custom Modules. Once deployed in one click, they can update it at any time.
    • Test live API: SmartPredict has a Predict space to test live the AI project in production.  
    • Collaborative AI platform: SmartPredict is an AI platform that allows users to work seamlessly in a team.